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Who Sang that Song?   by Patrick Byrd   6-3-12
Heading out to trivia night? We all know these songs from the 80s but knowing who sang them might score you points.

by Patrick Byrd   6-2-12
If you happen to bump into Billy Joel will you ask him one question - 'What in the hell is a 'Real Estate Novelist?'

Top 10 Music Video Songs of the MTV Era   by Patrick Byrd   5-23-12

The first time I saw MTV, I couldn't help but stay up and watch it all night long. I was completely transfixed and wanted to the watch the whole show until it ended.
In the end, I fell asleep in front of the TV and when I woke up - there was that rocket again- it was going to the moon and the astronaut came out and planted the MTV flag and then they went right back to playing videos. When I got home from school, the first thing I did was turn it on again and they were still playing videos!

You might say that first 'video show' lasted until MTV aired 'Remote Control', the game show in 1987. How were we to know we'd eventually end up with The Real World, The Hills and Jersey Shore and no videos at all (practically) on MTV except those commented on by Beavis and Butthead.

But in it's heyday, MTV was where we went for what was new and how we decided what was cool. Because of that, MTV is responsible for a generation of songs that will always be inseparable from their videos. Here is my quick and dirty Top 10 Music Video Songs of the MTV Era along with some thoughts from watching them again.


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