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Austin, Texas

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We're building the ultimate internet destination for Austinites to celebrate living in one of the hippest cities on the planet.

On the left and right, you'll find lists of interesting things in Austin. If you rollover most links you'll see a little more info. In the near future, you will be able to add to, rank entries and comment on these lists. For detailed blogs see the next tab.

The whole point of the page is that it should be interactive and crowd-sourced. While we are building more such features, please feel free to send us your suggestions, blogs or comments or see the buttons under each list.
Austin, Texas is one of the hippest, fastest growing cities in the U.S.A. and has been featured in many recent 'best places' lists - see austins-best-of-best-of-lists/. Many of which are also featured on this recent video: Austin Texas Time Warp

This page is for all those people who love Austin to share what we love and hate about it. Or if you are thinking of visiting - you can get the real local take on the best and worst of our city.

Welcome to Austin! but please don't move here!  Some locals are a little tired of so many people moving here and have started a campaign-->

Live Music Capital of the World: The official slogan of Austin is Live Music Capital of the World. With two badass music festivals and more per capita live music than just about anywhere else, it fits.

Silicon Hills: Austin is home to Dell, AMD and a slew of other tech companies who rely on the young, highly educated workforce.

The Face of the Sun! The biggest downside is the heat. Austin set a new record with 90 days over 100 degrees in the summer of 2011. Happily, there is an abundance of spring-fed pools and swimming holes to help keep you cool. And, if you are tired of cold northern winters, the winters here are mild, sometimes bordering on non-existent.
UPDATE: with the recent La Nina now officially over Austin is happily expecting to have a mild to normal summer this year.

Keep Austin Weird: Austin prides itself on being a little bit different. In recent years there have been many protests against big box stores who wanted to build in certain neighborhoods. The Austin Business Alliance has adopted 'Keep Austin Weird' as its official slogan.
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