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Science Fiction

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Science Fiction Movies

All Time Most Excellent Science Fiction Movies

Best Sci-Fi Comedies

Best Post & Trans Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Movies

Science Fiction Movie Universes (ranked by feature films released)

Actors Who Seem to Be in a Lot of Sci-Fi Movies

Time Travel Movies

Movies with Robots or AIs

Worst Crap Sci-Fi Movies EVAR!

Sci-Fi Cult Classics

Friendly Alien Movies

Every Alien Invasion Movie Ever Made (a start anyway)

Best Space Opera, Space Fantasy and other Sci-Fi-ish Movies

Remember these Sci-Fi Movies

Science Fiction on TV

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We're building the ultimate internet destination to NERD OUT on Science Fiction.

Webster's defines Science Fiction as : 'fiction dealing principally with the impact of actual or imagined science on society or individuals or having a scientific factor as an essential orienting component.' Works for this page.

On the left you will find lists about Sci-Fi Movies and TV shows. On the right you'll find info on written Sci-Fi - novels and short stories and the people responsible for them. If you rollover some titles you'll see a little more info. In the near future, you will be able to add to, rank and comment and also easily go to Amazon, or Netflix. See the tabs above for other soon to come features such as quizzes and quotes.

Please note: The lists are only just begun. Most of it so far is just off the top of my head + what I learned from quickly referencing things I thought I knew off the top of my head. The whole point of the page is that it should be interactive and crowd-sourced. While we are building more such features, please feel free to send us your suggestions, blogs or comments.

Although we do recognize the slippery slope and rampant hybridizations between the two, this page doesn't embrace combining Sci-Fi with fantasy. We aren't likely to be complete nazis about this but applying it generally will help keep the size down on this enormously ambitious page. Click here if you are interested in hosting a fantasy page at Wholuvs.

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Science Fiction Novels and Novelists

Best Recent Science Fiction Novels

Top Current Science-Fiction Novelists

Science Fiction Novelists Hall of Fame

All Time - Classic Sci-Fi Novels

Male Pseudonyms Used by Women Sci-Fi Writers

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Science Fiction Short Stories

All Time Great Sci-Fi Short Stories

Top All-Time Sci-Fi Short Story Authors

Current Sci-Fi Short Story Writers

Excellent Sci-Fi Short Stories by Sub-genre

Best Horrific Sci-Fi Short Stories

Microbes, Nanobots, and other Tiny, Intelligent, Sinister Things


Stories from the Devolved Future of Humanity

A.I. and Robots

Completely Random but Highly Entertaining Sci-Fi Stories

Amazingly Prophetic Sci-Fi Stories

Time Travel

Post-Apocalyptic Short Stories

Sci-Fi Short Stories Made into a Movie Under Another Name

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