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About Time Google Gave Wikipedia Some Financial Love 6-2-12

First - just want to thank Google for once again making the internet a better place. Is anyone else digging on the recent improved results that give a snapshot of most needed information? One immediate question comes to mind. Can Google give Wikipedia a slice of the advertisement revenue so Wikipedia can quit pestering us for donations?

Thoughts on Guidelines and Philosophy after Creating a Few Pages 5-30-12

Core Principals and Guidelines for Phase 1 Page Hosts

Wholuvs/Whohates is an online experiment. How can we encourage and better organize the most compelling and entertaining content on the web?

We’re moving towards crowd-sourced user-generated socially and list friendly pages by subject tied together with hub pages and profile pages of our users. We’re working on the best way to layer abundant but pertinent information on those pages. The pro-beta phase is more like a List Friendly Invitation Only Blog Network by Subject.

Hypothesis: People who are passionate about a topic are the best resource to determine what information should go on the page for that topic.

The site will rely on the header and footer for overall site consistency. Below the subheader anything goes (for now. - later each type of page may move in the direction of the most successful pages of that type. For instance - a musician’s page may have albums at top left section and songs at top right.) We look forward to the innovations, feedback and suggestions for customization from the first beta page hosts and content managers.

List Friendly - People love lists. They are a great way to communicate information quickly and they tend to stick with you after you read them. We are already working on several improvements to the list display and also on making them interactive for visitors. Some day soon site visitors will be able to sort and rate list entries and add their suggestions. For now, even if highly subjective, starter lists from page hosts will give visitors something to interact with once the new functionalities go live. Please be aware, a few ‘coming soon’ suggestions for lists have been entered on key pages.

Hypothesis: Everyone is an Ally - The better the internet is - the better Wholuvs will be. If someone has a good page pertaining to the topic you are hosting - link to it and give them the credit they deserve. Later - when we start to get some traffic and have a few more functions built in let’s reach out to those people and invite them to tease their blog posts for instance at Wholuvs to help promote their page.

GUIDELINES for BETA PAGE HOSTS Enter Good SEO Metadata - Enter good SEO Metadata at the top of any new page. The page title should always be “Wholuvs ‘SUBJECT’” Keep it short and sweet - keep the momemtum -
Frequent, compelling posts are the key to building the site. If a top 10 list seems long. Go with 5 or 3 and add to it later (or not.)

Be yourself -
Funny and entertaining - or snarky and sarcastic - tongue-in-cheek is great - childlike wonder can be refreshing. Amusing tone goes a long way.

Curse -
Like a sailor if that’s who you are. Or - my favorite when it’s really, really called for or never if that’s the way you roll.

Soon customizable tabs will be available in the central section -
For now it’s okay to use the main content section of the page for both a main article and blog like posts.
Just FYI - Eventually tabs for a given page may go like this: |‘About ‘Subject’|Posts and Comments|Quotes|Trivia|Map|Calendar|etc...|

Add images -
Ask me to shoot something. Draw something. Use public domain imagery. Remove all unpopulated photo thumbnails or links before posting the page. A page with no images is ok at first as long as it has a minimum of content as specified below.

Rollover info for list entries -
Use tooltips to write entertaining previews of any links you add. See www.wholuvs.com/pages/austin-texas.php ‘resource links at top left’ for how the tooltips work.

Don’t be afraid to ‘Monetize Your Ignorance’ -
One thing I realized quickly from putting together even parts of initial pages is how much I learned about the topic. A page host doesn’t already need to be an expert on their topic. Intensely curious will also work. Spend some time - bump around the web for the best info for the topic. Take us along as you learn and share at the same time.

When to publish -
It’s ok to publish your page once you have one good post and ‘coming soon’ elements in left and right sections (at least 500 words total.) Adding to it from there will just help Google realize it’s a growing page and growing site.

(BTW - I am leaving some seed pages up that don't yet fit these requirements but only because they are already indexed and they show some basic functionality (imbedding twitter feeds) for example.

Add suggestions to the Wholuvs Tasklist -
If you think of something that would be helpful and it is not already on our list please describe it on the Wholuvs tasklist.

Coming Soon!
Thoughts after Men In Black 3 7-3-12 by Patrick Byrd

There wasn't a lot in Men In Black 3 that made me too glad I went and saw it. Ok - I'll see anything with that many high-end (meaning well designed) aliens but not necessarily at the theater. The thing I took away which I was not expecting is that this dude is likely a pretty good actor - Michael Stuhlbarg.

Check out the new hard-coded Science Fiction page now ready for your comments. http://www.wholuvs.com/pages/science-fiction.php
Who Sang that Song?   by Patrick Byrd   6-3-12
Heading out to trivia night? We all know these songs from the 80s but knowing who sang them might score you points.

Videos and MTV - on 80s Music  Patrick Byrd 5-23-12.

The first time I saw MTV, I couldn't help but stay up and watch it all night long. I was completely transfixed and wanted to the watch the whole show until it ended.
In the end, I fell asleep in front of the TV and when I woke up - there was that rocket again- it was going to the moon and the astronaut came out and planted the MTV flag and then they went right back to playing videos. When I got home from school, the first thing I did was turn it on again and they were still playing videos!

You might say that first 'video show' lasted until MTV aired 'Remote Control', the game show in 1987. How were we to know we'd eventually end up with The Real World, The Hills and Jersey Shore and no videos at all (practically) on MTV except those commented on by Beavis and Butthead.

But in it's heyday, MTV was where we went for what was new and how we decided what was cool. Because of that, MTV is responsible for a generation of songs that will always be inseparable from their videos. Here is my quick and dirty Top 10 Music Video Songs of the MTV Era along with some thoughts from watching them again.


5/22/2012 The Austin Collie
I have been thinking a lot lately about starting my own breed of dog - call it the Austin Collie - take a Border Collie keep the smarts and ambition breed out the long hair (I feel really sorry for long haired dogs in this town) by mixing with a Biggie Iggie or other short haired athletic dog. Maybe cross it back occasionally to a labradoodle for hybrid vigor and overall friendliness and water fetching proclivity. All the while selecting for that smart gene. Or maybe I should just get a Kelpie. A labrakelpie?

The Austin Collie - the ideal frisbee dog and dog most likely to drive your getaway car and eventually learn English and head up the interspecies communication project with a pod of dolphins.

Austin, Texas is one of the hippest, fastest growing cities in the U.S.A. and has been featured in many recent 'best places' lists - see austins-best-of-best-of-lists/. Many of which are also featured on this recent video: Austin Texas Time Warp

This page is for all those people who love Austin to share what we love and hate about it. Or if you are thinking of visiting - you can get the real local take story on the best and worst of our city.

Welcome! but please don't move here! Some of us moved to Austin the day after high school. Some came for a music festival or to visit friends. I know a few people who were looking to leave the rust belt and just circled it on the map. About 3 of you were actually born here. However it happens, a high percentage of people who visit Austin eventually decide to live in Austin. Some locals are a little tired of it and have started a campaign--> :

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